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Document Databases

The document management system DoMa is designed to enhance the dissemination of information amongst R&D community sectors and is used by energy related R&D projects for the management of internal documents and the dissemination of public reports. Any type of electronic record (i.e. document, spreadsheet, graphic, etc.) may be stored. At the JRC, DoMa has been used to deploy networks for energy related R&D, specifically for nuclear energy and for conventional energy. DoMa

  • provides conservation, management and dissemination of documents
  • combines open access to meta information (e.g. title, author, abstract)
  • with controlled access to the actual files
  • allows pre-indexed full text search
  • offers delegated administration of documents and access rights

Engineering Databases

The European Commission JRC web-enabled materials database (MatDB) is oriented to international material standards and recommendations. It covers mechanical and thermo-physical properties data of engineering alloys at low, elevated and high temperatures for base materials and joints and includes irradiation materials testing in the field of fusion and fission, tests on thermal barrier coating for gas turbines and mechanical properties testing on a corroded specimen.

The Hydrogen Incident and Accident Database (Hiad-DB) is a European knowledge base and reporting regime to assist industry and authorities in better understanding the relevance of hydrogen-related incidents and accidents as well as the safety actions taken.

Data Catalogs

ODIN data catalogs provide an insight into the content of the scientific databases to which ODIN provides access. The data catalogs are largely unaffectd by the access level of the data sets (open-access, registered-access, and restricted-access) and so provide a complete overview of the content of a particular database. Presently there are two catalogs, both of which are specific to MatDB (the database of experimental data for engineering alloys). One catalog provides an overview of the data sets hosted by the application, while the other lists all the data sets that can be cited using the DataCite data publication framework. Presently, the former is only available directly from the MatDB application interface but will soon also be accessible from the ODIN front page.

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