Document Management

This is information about databases related to document management tasks. If you click the Subcategory links, you will directly be connected to the database you have choosen. A new window will open.

Odin provides access to web-enabled engineering databases, document management sites and other information related to European research in the area of nuclear and conventional energy. They contain public and confidential documents and data. A short description for each database is given below. To start a database, select the respective button from the menu on the left-hand side.

The document management system DoMa is designed to enhance the dissemination of information amongst R&D community sectors and is used by energy related R&D projects for the management of internal documents and the dissemination of public reports. Any type of electronic record (i.e. document, spreadsheet, graphic, etc.) may be stored. At the Institute for Energy, DoMa has been used to deploy networks for energy related R&D, specifically for Nuclear Energy and for Conventional Energy. DoMa

  • provides conservation, management and dissemination of documents
  • combines open access to meta information (e.g. title, author, abstract)
  • with controlled access to the actual files
  • allows pre-indexed full text search
  • offers delegated administration of documents and access rights