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Data Catalogs:

ODIN data catalogs provide an insight into the content of the scientific databases to which ODIN provides access. The data catalogs are largely unaffectd by the access level of the data sets (open-access, registered-access, and restricted-access) and so provide a complete overview of the content of a particular database.

Presently there are two catalogs, both of which are specific to MatDB (the database of experimental data for engineering alloys). One catalog provides an overview of the data sets hosted by the application, while the other lists all the data sets that can be cited using the DataCite data publication framework.

DOI catalog

Catalog of data sets cited using the DataCite data publication framework. The list first shows the company owning the data. Click on this to see the company's data sets.

MatDB data content

Overview of data sets hosted in MatDB.

MatDB Catalog Selection


This page provides you with an overview of the MatDB experimental materials test results database.

Select experimental materials test results according to Test Type, Source Identifier (to identify the project within which the tests were performed) and Material. To select more than one entries click and hold down the CTRL-key. Then click the corresponding Confirm button to make the selection.

Each time you click Confirm, the number of available tests for the selected query is updated and displayed in Total Row Count.

Click Reset Form to start a new query.

Test type*
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Current test count: 24951

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